Solar Power Systems

Is your electricity bill excessively high?
Are you looking for ways to save money or help your business’s bottom line?
Have you ever thought that investing in a solar power system could be the answer?

Solar power is a relatively inexpensive and effective way of powering your homes and businesses throughout the year. With a properly designed solar system constructed with the right products, it is possible to substantially reduce your bill, even wipe it completely.

With the government rebates and the cost of solar power system installation continuing to reduce, NOW, is the time to have one of Warren Ward Refrigeration’s experienced, qualified and local technicians inspect your property to show you the best and most cost effective solutions for you. We make sure that we get all the little things right that others forget about, to give you the best possible outcome.

We are able to install grid connect solar power systems for small house and units to those for large commercial and industrial applications.

Many people and business’s have hesitated to install solar because they think it is too expensive, that the equipment is not reliable enough or they hear the horrors stories of things gone wrong. Let Warren Ward Refrigeration put you at ease. They have completed many solar power installations with great feed back from all their customers. Warren Ward refrigeration will help you from start to finish handling all the hard to deal with issues, to make the whole experience easy and pleasurable for you.

So why not give us a call?

Apricus Australia Solar Hot Water

Warren Ward Refrigeration has partnered with Apricus Australia to provide you, your family or your business with worry free solar hot water. Whether it is a single bedroom studio apartment, a multi storey commercial office building, or a luxurious new home build on the beach, Apricus can provide a hot water solution to suit you.

When you engage with Warren Ward Refrigeration to provide your new solar hot water system – you are not purchasing a product, you are beginning a relationship. Apricus Australia products are built to the highest quality, and their solar collectors carry an industry leading 15 year warranty, so it is our commitment to support you throughout the life of your new system.

What Does This Mean?

It means we are here. We are here to work with and support you throughout the entire process. From enquiry, sizing, design, installation, commissioning and beyond.