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Having issues with your air conditioner?

Sometimes when your air conditioning unit is not working the way it should be, the solution may be more straight forward than you think. Here are the most common troubleshooting solutions we have. If none of these solutions work, you may require a technician to have a look at the issue. 

1. My air conditioner will not turn on:

Check your batteries in the remote. Try moving them or even replacing them if you can. This tends to be a common reason behind air conditioners not turning on. 

2. My air conditioner does not seem to be cooling or heating like it use to:

Try cleaning your filters. This is as simple as lifting the front panel on the unit and removing the filters. Take them outside and give them a clean. Overtime, your filters can accumulate a thick layer of dust which will prevent performance of your unit. 

3. My air conditioner is turning on but not blowing any air out:

This issue may be caused by a circuit fault. Go to your electrical box and flick off your air conditioner switch. Leave it for at least five minute and proceed to switch it back on. Sometimes this can reset the system and it will start blowing air again.

Need a service?

We typically recommend a yearly service of your air conditioning unit. This ensures it is working as efficiently as it is designed to. What does a service entail you ask?

  • Checking of air conditioners performance and operation
  • Checking refrigerant pressures with gauges on 
  • Checking general electrical condition 
  • Cleaning return air filters 
  • Applying a coil cleaning solution to the in indoor unit using a deep clean bag
  • Washing coil cleaning solution off indoor coils with a battery pressue sprayer pack cleaning drain pipe and or P-trap
  • Applying mould inhuibiting spray to coil and indoor drain pan
  • applying mould inhibiting paste to the indoor drain tray

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